The golden island of Krk

Island of Krk is the combination of the diversity that perfectly merged into a single unique mosaic!

On the island of Krk and the city of Krk there are six major sites: Omisalj, Malinska, Dobrinj, Krk, Punat, Baska. If you head from north of the island to its south and closer to familiarize yourself with the people, their customs, songs, costumes, speech ... you will feel how they are different, but to complement and give a mark of identity of the island.

What to sort out? It is a difficult task. We will attempt through the sketch of the sights help you with your own research, and if you want to be more familiar with island values, please contact us, we offer organized trips and guiding.

Let the island of Krk share its story with you ...



Culture and history

The city of Krk

  • The inscription "Splendidissima civitas Curictarum" – “Splendid city of Krk inhabitants”, 4 c.,
  • Sacral complex of the Cathedral of the Assumption from the fifth century, with the churches of St. Margaret and St. Quirinus, the patron (11./12.c.), where is the exhibition of religious items, and a bell tower from the 16th century,
  • Guarded urban complex of the Roman period inside the city walls, which developed and grew from 3 c. B.C. until the 17th c.
  • Square Kamplin with Frankopan castle and the square tower of the 12th century,
  • The main town square Vela Placa with the building of City Hall from the 15th century and a Renaissance fountain,
  • Canon's house in the street Dr. D. Vitezić no. 11, where it was found Krk Glagolitic inscription from the 11th century,
  • Church of St.. Krsevan from 5th or 6st century near the village Milohnić (12 km from the town of Krk) and the church of St. Dunat (12th century) near the village Kornić, monuments are zero category
  • Galleries: Decumanus, Fortis, Dagmar, Leut, Krčanka, Helena, Noah's Ark and Stanić Biserka - Bodulka, Mozaico - an exhibition of religious art (the church of St. Quirinus)
  • The administrative, political, economic and religious center of the island


  • The parish church of the Assumption from the 1213th g. with a bell tower and the loggia from the 16th century,
  • The remains of an early Christian basilica from the 5th century and Roman municipal Fulfinum in the gulf Sepen in the region Mirina (2 km from Omišalj)
  • Lapidary gallery in Omišalj and the gallery Njivice in Njivice


  • Chapel of St.. Nicholas, consecrated in 2000 yr. with the gallery place,
  • Parish Church of St. Apollinaris in Bogovići from 1857. yr.,
  • Third Order of Franciscan Monastery, with St.. Mary Magdalene Church in Porto (3 km from Malinska) from 1480 yr.. In the monastery is a museum collection with a library, an ethnographic collection with authentic ancient olive press and Glagolitic stone monuments.
  • There is  a forest reserve nearby Glavotok


  • Parish Church of St. Three from the 1773rd yr., with valuable baroque altar,
  • Toš gallery, where the olive press is exposed
  • Islet Košljun in Punat Bay, is a forest reserve and historical monument. In the Franciscan monastery with the church of the Assumption from 1480 yr., is also a valuable library, the ethnographic museum and a permanent exhibition of religious art.


  • St. Ivan church on cemetery,
  • Parish Church of St. Three from the 18th century and regional museum,
  • Early romanesque church of St. Lucija in Jurandvor (2 km from Baska), a sacred place of Croatian national history and culture. In the church is a replica of the Baška board, the most important monument of Croatian language and literature, written Croatian Glagolitic script (1100g.). Beside the church is decorated exhibition place.
  • Ornithological reserves: The island Prvić and the northeastern coast of the island, where are the griffon vulture, and drystone walls (dry stone) and shepherd Mrgari can be seen, preserved over the valley of Baska.
  • Galleries: Fran and Etro.
  • Aquarium: Akvarij


  • Parish Church of the Assumption, 14th century, with Renaissance tower from the 16th century, in which is a museum of art identity of Vrbnik
  • Chapel of St. Ivan, 14th century,
  • Brothers Vitezić library
  • It is a center of viticulture and wine production of Vrbnička Žlahtina.


  • Parish Church of St. Stjepan, as the main church of Dobrinj kaptol mentioned in 1100 yr.
  • Church - St. Antun gallery, 14th century and bell tower from the 18th century,
  • Collection of Religious art, gallery Infeld,
  • ethnographic collection of Dobrinjština and the island Krk, and the collection of fossils of the island Krk,
  • Early romanesque church, the endowment of the famous Dragoslav from 1100 yr. in the settlement of St. Vid.



The battle for nature is one of the most important goals and challenges of the struggle for survival which the modern world faces with. Awakening awareness of ourselves, we actually wake up and awareness of the fragility of the collective consciousness that we are guardians of a particular heritage of universal value. Preservation of the Adriatic Sea as an example of a healthy and diverse biological areas is our commitment.

The island of Krk, is only a fraction of that great treasures, but this is an area where the man lived through history, and worked in harmony with nature. Environmental awareness is everywhere, so the concern about preserving and protecting the environment is continuous and systematical.

It depends only on us how our future will look like!
Treat yourself to a holiday in quite intimate contact with the preserved nature

The Blue Flag

We are proud to present you our beach awarded with the blue flag:

The Blue Flag symbolizes preserved, safe and comfortable environment for rest, entertainment and recreation, and well-developed system for coastal zone management and sustainable development in tourism. Blue flag means top tourist promotion, which is based on high service quality, cleanliness, sea and shore, and beach equipment and tidiness. Status Blue Flag beaches is valid for one year and every year it has to be re-earned.
  • Naturist camping beach "Konobe"
  • Beach "Punta Debij"
  • Beach "Vela Beach"
  • Beach "Zgribnica"
  • Beach "Pećine"
  • Camping beach "Glavotok"
  • Beach "Porporela"
  • Beach "Camping Ježevac"
  • Camping beach FKK "Politin"
  • Beach "Dražica"
  • Beach "Dunat"; Kornić
  • Beach "Jert"; Pinezići
  • Beach "Pesja"
  • Beach "Jadran"
  • Beach "Rupa"

We are proud to introduce you to the beach for dogs in our island:

  • KIJAC, not far from Njivice
  • KRK, the beach "Redagara" near the hotel "Coral"
  • BAŠKA, located at the “Vela Plaže”

Believe us,
the sea is really romantic!