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  Registrazione 3,00 € per person (once)
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  Aria condizionata 7,00 € al giorno
  Animali domestici 6,00 € al giorno
  Pulizia finale 30 €
  Servizio di prenotazione 20 €

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Inquiries and booking of accommodation can be done electronically (, in writing, by telephone or in person at the travel agency Azur.

Accommodation is required to pay an advance payment of 30% of the total, while the rest is paid in a travel agency Azur on arrival at the accommodation. •Information required for payment from abroad: PRIVREDNA BANKA ZAGREB, RIADRIA RIJEKA BRANCH TURISTICKA AGENCIJA AZUR KRK REGISTRATION NUMBER: 91851203 COD SWIFT (BIC): PBZGHR2X ACCOUNT: 704010 - 202648 IBAN: HR5223400091167025402 •Information required for payment of the Croatian Republic: Information Agency: Travel Agency Azur, Josipa Pupačića 1, 51500 Krk, Croatia Account number: 2340009-1167025402 Call number: (No of Reservation) The guest bears the costs of banking money transfer.

Price of accommodation includes the basic service as described in the booked accommodation unit.

Azur Travel Agency reserves the right to change the booking if circumstances occur that can not be predicted, avoided or removed. Booked accommodation can only be changed with prior notification to and accommodation of the same or higher category and at the price at which the customer has a confirmed reservation. If the alternative accommodation is available only in the facility upgrades and priced higher by 10% of the paid services, travel agency Azur reserves the right to charge the price difference upon consulting the customer. In cases where substitute accommodation for paid accommodation, travel agency Azur reserves the right to cancel the reservation upon prior customer notification at least 7 days before arrival and guarantees full refund of the amount. If a suitable replacement is not possible on the day of service, travel agency Azur will provide information on available accommodation and travel agencies outside offers Azur and of course fully refund the amount paid for the reservation.

In the event that the customer wants to change or cancel the reservation by the request, he must do so in writing (e-mail:, by mail to: Travel Agencies Azur, Josipa Pupačića 1, 51500 Krk, Croatia or fax number: 00385 51 880 766). Booked accommodation without notice of delays are kept to guests 24 hours from the earliest possible check-in, and it is at 14:00 hours the following day. After that time, the travel agency is free to dispose Azur accommodation to other clients and is not required to make refund. Azur Travel Agency will make a change if the reserved accommodation is accommodation available for replacement. If the alternative accommodation comes to the price difference, the client's acceptance of alternative accommodation must pay the price difference. For alternative accommodation of the client will receive a new invoice with all necessary data as well as a new travel document (voucher). Change of accommodation refers to changing accommodation. In case of change of residence by shortening the spot, the client is obligated to pay the agreed amount of room in its entirety. In the event of a cancellation charge for administrative costs of agencies that are in the amount of the advance, which means that the deposit is not refundable.

If the services provided are not satisfactory, the customer may claim compensation by filing a written complaint. Every customer has a right to complain if the paid service is not done. Every customer - reservation holder, files a separate complaint. The procedure for complaints The guest is required on the day of arrival at the service providers advertise inadequate service and inform the travel agency Azur. If the guest does not accept the solution that corresponds with the service, travel agency Azur is not obligated to accept any further complaints (if there is an adequate alternative in the same building, the customer is obliged to accept it). If the customer does not complain on the spot, it is not entitled to a refund. The maximum compensation per complaint can be the amount of services, and can not include services already provided or the total amount of the service. This excludes the right of the client to an ideal of damage. Azur Travel Agency does not accept claims related to elements that are not part of the building (construction work, clean beaches, the state of facilities in the vicinity, etc.). Travel agency Azur can not be held responsible for the weather conditions, sea temperature in destinations and all other similar situations and events that may cause customer dissatisfaction, and not directly related to the quality of the accommodation unit.

Entering the accommodation is available earlier than 14:00 hours, and until the end of working hours, unless otherwise is announced.

At the latest check-out from the accommodation is 10:00 am on departure day.